Mythic Maiden of Virtue down: Fifth Sin gets 7/9M ToS!

It took us two weeks, but with propper handling of our balls we finally managed to get to third base with Maiden of Virtue so she would lie down and give up her shinies! It was an extremely unforgiving boss, the slightest mistake nearly always leading to a wipe. But I think during the first or 2nd raid we had most of the mechanics down, then from there on it was just working on the fine points and then finally for everyone to stay focused and not make the slightest mistake.

Not sure if this will show on our kill video (to be added when it is uploaded) but the end of the bossfight has to be the most quiet last 10% on a boss I've ever experienced, with everyone holding their breath and maintaining lazer focus not to fuck it up xD


Well done everyone! And grats to all who got loot, a special congrats to Taurushon on getting a Big-Boy shirt to go with his Big-Boy pants!

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Posted on: 14 Nov 2017, 02:14 by: Alyssia
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Fish Lady Smacked Silly!

We have been working on Mistress Sassz'ine for a while now, most certainly a step up from the previous bosses. We have had some close goes now and then for the last couple of raids, but tonight was the first evening of solid attempts from the very start and throughout the evening. Finally we got to the go where things clicked for the very last bit of the fight and we downed her and stole her shinies!

Well done everyone that were there for the kill, as well as everyone who could not make it but were there for the progression towards getting her down! A big thank you to all of you! :) Grats to all those that got loot, and a a special congratulations to Taurushon on finally getting his big-boy pants! :P


Posted on: 30 Oct 2017, 23:34 by: Alyssia
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The Desolate Host Mythic crushed!

On Wednesday we got Sisters of the Moon, tonight we got The Desolate Host down as well! Only took us 18 attempts to get it, so I guess people were right when they said it isn't a very hard boss. Even so, 2 mythic bosses in one week, well done everyone! :) Onwards to Mistress!


Posted on: 25 Sep 2017, 23:07 by: Alyssia
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Sister of the Moon Mythic killed!

We didn't get it on monday, we got close, but we did get it tonight! Only took us a couple of attempts then we downed it nice and smooth! Well done everyone!


Posted on: 20 Sep 2017, 21:57 by: Alyssia
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Mythic Demonic Inqusition wrecked!

After a patch day raid plagued by disconnects, addon issues and server crashes our Monday raid started of good and only got better :) We killed if Demonic Inquisition in what seemed like a flash, well done everyone! :)


Posted on: 04 Sep 2017, 21:37 by: Alyssia
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