The Desolate Host Mythic crushed!

On Wednesday we got Sisters of the Moon, tonight we got The Desolate Host down as well! Only took us 18 attempts to get it, so I guess people were right when they said it isn't a very hard boss. Even so, 2 mythic bosses in one week, well done everyone! :) Onwards to Mistress!


Posted on: 25 Sep 2017, 23:07 by: Alyssia
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Sister of the Moon Mythic killed!

We didn't get it on monday, we got close, but we did get it tonight! Only took us a couple of attempts then we downed it nice and smooth! Well done everyone!


Posted on: 20 Sep 2017, 21:57 by: Alyssia
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Mythic Demonic Inqusition wrecked!

After a patch day raid plagued by disconnects, addon issues and server crashes our Monday raid started of good and only got better :) We killed if Demonic Inquisition in what seemed like a flash, well done everyone! :)


Posted on: 04 Sep 2017, 21:37 by: Alyssia
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Mythic Harjatan wrung out to dry!

We had an excellent raid tonight, KJ on hc followed by getting Goroth down again on mythic and then to wrap it up nicely we got Harjatan down as well! It only took us less than 20 pulls in total, a few another evening and 15 tonight. Well done everyone!


Posted on: 21 Aug 2017, 23:18 by: Alyssia
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Mythic Goroth deader than a dead green thing

Fifth Sin has begun mythic progression in Tomb of Sargeras with our first kill on mythic Goroth tonight. After a bit of tactics adjustment and steady progress we killed the boss pretty quickly. Screen-shot to follow. Well done to everybody. Especially Tharkun who bravely sacrificed himself to Rngjesus for the sake of our kill! :p


Posted on: 07 Aug 2017, 21:25 by: Peachblossom
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