Raiding has resumed in Emerald Nightmare!

The first Legion raid of Emerald Nightmare opened today and we set off to smash some bosses and take their stash. We first started the raid on HC to get a nice look at the content but ended up swapping to normal for quicker loot as the difference between hc and normal turns out to be rather big (and it was getting embarrasing to see out friendsranks get kills and loot while we were working on the harder stuff. So we opted for the easy route to gear ourselves some more before we head back into heroics.

Normal was FAR easier, almost shockingly so, indeed we either oneshot or twoshot all but one boss before we ran out of time. We got some nice loot and got to see the instance. Cenarius was in my opinion the highlight of the place, whereas the dragons of nightmare was a complete snoozefest. Only Xavius remains on normal and heroic bosses should follow soon with all these new shinies to bash them over the head with!

All in all a a chaotic, interesting, sleepinducing (Dragons of Nightmare), messy and highly entertaining run of a first raid, just the way we like it! xD

Posted on: 22 Sep 2016, 01:54 by: Alyssia
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We look to be off to a flying start in Legion!

The amount of returning raiders has surpassed even my most optimistic expectations :) therefore we new find ourselves having to take a pause and take stock of what spots actually remain. There are still spots we wish to fill, and in terms of pure numbers we can fit in more people, exactly what we will be looking for should be updated throughout today and kept updated in the days to come.

As always we will in reality consider any good app based on its merits, but if you do wish to apply and see that we have your chosen class/spec listed as low it might be advisable to contact us for a chat, something ppl should feel free to do anyway or if they have any questions.

So rather than having to go on a recruitment spree for Legion as I feared in my more pessimistic moments, we find ourselves with a roster more or less filled out, with all the basics covered and where with a bit of work and a few additions we should be looking very good for legion raiding indeed. As it stands we are getting close to the limit of what we can bring to a raid should we chose to take everyone, however we aim to have a raiding roster where some rotation is required and thus the odd missed raid is allowed for, so I want to stress that even though we are looking good we will be taking on more ppl, so if you are interested, please contact us or submit an application.

In the case of returning raiders it would also be good if you contact us sooner rather than later, as we have started filling out the remaining spots with new recruits.

Posted on: 29 Aug 2016, 08:29 by: Alyssia
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Recruitment opened fully for Legion!

We are happy to see so many players returning to us for Legion, from nearly all previous expansions, even some from TBC xD Dw, we won't be too hard on you, but pls be aware that raiding has changed a tad since then. I recently had a look at some of our older raid videos and the amount of ppl simply having a wander about the room, having a chat or staring into open space during a boss fight brought back memories from close to a decade ago :)

We hope more players that have drifted away into the twisting nether will contact us and make a return for legion, already looking forwards to raid with a lot of old faces again, but still hoping for more! You are ofc also welcome to a friends rank spot if you prefer.

We also want to let players who have never been in Fifth Sin before but are looking to find a guild for Legion know that we are also open for applications, at this stage we should be able to fit in most classes and specs, but feel free to contact us for a chat if you are interested and have any questions!

Posted on: 25 Aug 2016, 10:32 by: Alyssia
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Fifth Sin resumes raiding in Legion!

A quick update for everyone: We are planning to resume raiding in legion, however we are no longer aiming for 4 days per week, but rather 2 (or perhaps 3 if that is what ppl would prefer) days per week. Which days it will be and exactly how many are yet to be decided, indeed feedback on this from those interested would be appreciated!

In general we wish to aim for something more casual than what we had before. While I personally (and I believe the majority of the guild) were happy with the direction we took in WoD, neither I nor the majority now are looking to go at it quite that "hardcore" in terms of time-investment this time around. We still wish to be semi-hardcore in nature, by which I mean focused raiding with continual progression and improvement in mind, with good standards of attendance and performance (And yes I make deliberate use of this term to piss off the knobheads out there that just can't stand it xD). However at a more relaxed pace, and with a less demanding time schedule.

Once we get our bearings in Legion and see whether the game has actually become worthwhile again, we will consider where we wish to take things next. Our plans so far consist of seeing who are interested in returning for legion and what you would be interested in being a part of, and then taking it from there. I am happy to say we have already heard from several long time sinners that are looking to return, and I am extending the invite to any other ex-sinners out there that might be interested in returning to us for legion, be it to raid with us or just to be a part of the guild.

If you want an invite, have any questions, or indeed just wish to have a chat, feel free to contact me in-game, via (FreddieK#2983) or here on the forum. Alternatively seek out Ashtrai, Tharkun or Taurushon as they too should be able to help you out.

Posted on: 13 Aug 2016, 11:13 by: Alyssia
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Forum being updated/Some things might be missing

As we moved the website and forum (I believe Ashtrai now hosts it himself) there was some error with the backup file or something along those lines, Ashtrai can explain further as this is very much his domain. I just wanted to make a quick note of it in case something is missing from the forum that used to be there. Our latest backup would not work, some compatability issues I belive? So we had to use a previous backup thus losing any changes or posts made during the months in between.

NB! Permissions might also be missing/wrong, contact Ashtrai or myself to get it fixed.

In general we will be doing an update of various info posts etc. on the forum anyhow, but that is a work in progress.

Posted on: 13 Aug 2016, 11:10 by: Alyssia
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