Mythic Grong killed! - 2/9M BoD

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Mythic Grong killed! - 2/9M BoD

Postby Alyssia » 21 Feb 2019, 13:25

Last week we got the big ape to 0,2% I believe it was on our best attempt. While we did need some time to get back into it and sort the timing of when to use the orbs as well as some other various adjustment we we didn't take all that long before we downed it during our first raid this reset. We downed Grong on mythic difficulty in BoD on February the 20th, in what felt like a fairly clean kill, although it got hectic xD This feels like a solid boss where coordination and team play is needed to get the job done. After that extremely close attempt we had last week it felt good to get it down, well done everyone and grats to all those that got a nice new shiny :)


Here is a video of our 2nd kill, courtesy of Tainy:
phpBB [video]

Link to logs

We already killed Champions of the Light on mythic two weeks back, but we forgot to get a screenshot. And we also forgot to take on every time since :P In all fairness its such an easy boss it barely deserves the mention, several of the heroic bosses are harder by a fair margin. Anyhow we killed it on the 4th of February: Link to logs
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