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Drest'agath destroyed!

Posted: 27 May 2020, 01:41
by Alyssia
On our first evening we went for this boss we nearly got it down, 3% I think it was. So 2nd raid evening on it it didn't take us all that long to down it. This boss was mostly about having everyone focus on positioning and having everyone play defensively whenever the heavy raid dmg went out. We had plenty of dps to spare and lets face it mechanically there isn't all that much going on besides dodge stuff and hit whatever new dangly bit has sprung out of the ground :P


Well done everyone and grats on various new shinies!

Link to logs

Re: Drest'agath destroyed!

Posted: 27 May 2020, 18:28
by Durnik
Tharkun's being sneaky on the far left there!
And Methodman is high :-O