[Accepted] Saphiiree - Frost Mage Application

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[Accepted] Saphiiree - Frost Mage Application

Postby saphiiree » 03 May 2017, 20:56

Personal Info
Real Name (Optional): Frej
Location: Denmark
Age: 22

Character Info
In-Game Name: Saphiiree
Class: Mage
Primary Talent Spec: Frost
Scondary(off)Specs: Fire (to a lesser degree arcane)

What made you choose these specs for raiding?: Frost because its the strongest of the specs and the one im the most comfortable playing, Im playing TV frost aswell now that i do have the gear for it.

What made you gear/gem/enchant like you have? Currently i have gone for Crit since i am still a bid shy of the Shatter Cap. if/when i hit that i
will start going for haste, since its my highest Throughput stat.

Would you be willing to respec to the guilds needs?: respec will never be a problem if its for the benefit for the guild. if i am holding everyone back playing a sup-par spec, i would rather sit out for someone better suited for the job.

Your Current Artifact weapon trait lvl: 46 1-2 days away from 47.

Link to current armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/d ... ree/simple

Guild and Raid Info
Previous Guilds: Nèmesis is my current guild. befor that i was in Ferox Imperator, Cold Logic, Almost skilled and bloodtide
How long were you in your previous guilds? Nèmesis i have been in for a few months now, their raid team collapsed, since i joined we went from 22-23 stable players to currently 9 active raiders.
Ferox i was a trial for 2 weeks (their raid Scheduled was to irregular for me)
Almost skilled i was in for a month and a bid before they stopped raiding.
cold logic i was in for 2 months before they disbanded due to lack of players and lack of leadership.
and to start the expansion of i was an officer in bloodtide, where during a week long vacation from my side, the gm and the other officer disbanded the guild.

Why did you leave your previous guilds?: (incorporated in the above description of previous guilds)
Do you know anyone in the Fifth Sin?: No
Raid Experience, elaborate!: i have mythic experience as in i have been raiding mythic since they introduced it. Curent progress is 4/10 mythic (4th being krosus) i cleard EM when it was current and got 2/3 down in ToV

How do you prepare for raids and new encounters? Read up on tactics, make sure i have consumables ready for whatever the night may bring, and make sure to watch videos (guids if any are out, kill vids if not)

Are you willing to wipe lots to learn a new encounter?: yes, that is part of learning the fights, and part of being a muthic progress guild. if wiping is all we do for an entire night, thats fine. as long as there is progress and its not to silly mechanics that should be easily dealt with.

Tell us a little about your playstyle, what you think you are good at, less good at, etc.: I am a very analytic player, i often times sit down after raids to go through logs of what have happend, i am thorough, and have deacent reflexes, and i plan ahead. mecanicly my skill could and is improving, trying to make as few mistakes as i possibly can, but mistakes are bound to happen.

Play Info
How long have you been playing WoW?: Since late Vanila (dident start raiding till mid/late TBC)
How much do you play?: a deacent amount during the week. weekends i work and spend time with my girlfriend and/or friends.
Has your account been traded or passed on?: No
Does anyone else have access to your account?: No
Do you have any high level alts?: 2 lvl 110, War and Lock
Do you have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3 on your PC?: yes and yes
Do you actualy use your mic during raids if called for? yes, not only when called for it either. if i have a suggestion i dont mind bringing it forward.

Can you attend our raid schedule? Wednesday and Monday (with optional days of Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday, one of which will be used when necessary) from 19:30(invites start) 20:00 (raid start) ->23:00) Sunday will be a problem since i work rather late during the weekend, wont be home until 22:30-23 most weekends. all other days wont be a problem.

The Ultimate Question - Sell Yourself
Why do you want to join Fifth Sin, and why should we recruit you?:
I am hoping to find a place to call home for the first time in this expansion. i am sick and tierd of having to look for new guilds when the one i just joined disband. i hope to find that with you.
im stable and calm when i have to be, but i know that having a laugh is needet to relive the tension at times, i can let off relax when apropriat but on the flip side, when we are progressing on a new boss i am focused and the guild comes first. if i have to sacrifice myself or my EGO (DPS) to get a kill, then that is what have to happen.

Best Regards Saph (Frej)
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Re: Saphiiree - Frost Mage Application

Postby Goonier » 03 May 2017, 23:27

Hey thanks for the application, accepted for a trail whisper any officer for an invite

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