[Declined] Monarey - Holy Priest

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[Declined] Monarey - Holy Priest

Postby Monarey » 05 Jul 2017, 11:16

Personal Info
Real Name (Optional): Linas
Location: Lithuania
Age: 24

Character Info
In-Game Name: Monarey
Class: Priest
Primary Talent Spec: Holy
Scondary(off)Specs: Disc
What made you choose these specs for raiding?: I started off as a Shadow priest in Legion, yet I found Healing to be much more fun than being a DPS. I switched to Disc, but the spec was not in a good place, so I switched to Holy after struggling for a while. After that, I switched to Holy and I am really happy with the spec.
What made you gear/gem/enchant like you have? I use Jak's guide to to Holy, where all suggested enchantments/gems/gear is listed. Also, I used a pawn string.
Would you be willing to respec to the guilds needs?: Definitely
Your Current Artifact weapon trait lvl: 54
Link to current armory profile: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... or/monarey

Guild and Raid Info
Previous Guilds: Shin Sekai, Order of Sylvanas (officer)
How long were you in your previous guilds? Between 1 and 3 months.
Why did you leave your previous guilds?: Order of Sylvanas merged with Shin Sekai. I am considering leaving Shin Sekai, as I am unable to raid during the Guild Raid times
Do you know anyone in the Fifth Sin?: Found an ad on the Realm Forums
Raid Experience, elaborate!: Multiple Heroic Clears for EN and NH, personally 6/9 for HC ToS, also wiped ~30 times on HC KJ.
How do you prepare for raids and new encounters? Read up multiple guides, view videos. Make sure I have all gems, enchants and plenty of necessary consumables.
Are you willing to wipe lots to learn a new encounter?: OH YES.
Tell us a little about your playstyle, what you think you are good at, less good at, etc.: Durin heroic ToS progression I learned that I am a good shot caller as well as I am good at predicting what will happen. I also prefer having an organized raids with assigned Raid Healing CDs and interrupts.

Play Info
How long have you been playing WoW?: On and off - since late vanilla.
How much do you play?: ATM, mostly to do weekly chest and Raid nights. 3 nights a week
Has your account been traded or passed on?: I shared it with my brother when we started, but other than that, no.
Does anyone else have access to your account?: My brother last accessed the account back in WotLK.
Do you have any high level alts?: I have 3 110 lvl alts (ilvl ranging from 840 - 860).
Do you have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3 on your PC?: Yes
Do you actualy use your mic during raids if called for? Yes
Can you attend our raid schedule? Wednesday and Monday (with optional days of Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday, one of which will be used when necessary) from 19:30(invites start) 20:00 (raid start) ->23:00) Yes

The Ultimate Question - Sell Yourself
Why do you want to join Fifth Sin, and why should we recruit you?:

I am extremely enthusiastic about raiding and I enjoy preparing and organizing such events. I do bring a lot of new ideas and may have a different outlook on encounters as a healer.

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Re: Monarey - Holy Priest

Postby Goonier » 05 Jul 2017, 17:02

Thank you for your application, I will review with healing officer tonight we will get back to you by tomorrow

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Re: Monarey - Holy Priest

Postby Peachblossom » 06 Jul 2017, 09:06

Hey there. Thanks for the application. Unfortunately we have two very active holy priests in the healing team and adding a third would not be good for healer balance. Therefore I am going to have to decline your application. Good luck with finding a new home.

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