Mistweaver monk guildapplication

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Mistweaver monk guildapplication

Postby Cooperz » 29 Apr 2018, 19:38

Personal Info
Real Name (Optional): Marius
Location: Norway
Age: 20

Character Info
In-Game Name: Cooperz
Class: Monk
Primary Talent Spec: Mistweaver
Scondary(off)Specs: Windwalker
What made you choose these specs for raiding?: In my opinion mistweaver is a really fun spec to play and the spec allows you to do alot of burst raidhealing consistantly during fights thanks to revival and mana tea with essence font. I also loves the mobility the monk provides and unike abilities such as ring of peace. Windwalker is a spec that can do good consistant damage, but it really shines when a fight depends on how much damage you can do in a certain time frame.
What made you gear/gem/enchant like you have?: My it all comes down to my statpriority on enchants and gems. As legendaries I always use prydaz and velens because they are the best legendaries for output.
Would you be willing to respec to the guilds needs?: Yeah I would be willing to play Windwalker
Your Current Artifact weapon trait lvl: 79 in mistweaver and 76 in Windwalker
Link to current armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/character/draenor/Cooperz/

Guild and Raid Info
Previous Guilds: "Endominus" and "Why must i cry"
How long were you in your previous guilds? I was in "Why must i cry" for 2 months and in "Endominus" for 3 months
Why did you leave your previous guilds?: I am leaving "Endominus" because they stopped raiding due to people leaving the game
Do you know anyone in the Fifth Sin?: No
Raid Experience, elaborate!: I do not have alot of mythic raiding experience before legion, but I started raiding in Emerald Nightmare and went on to get 5/10M in NH, 6/9M in ToS and im currently 6/11M in antorus
How do you prepare for raids and new encounters? When looking at a new encounter I first watch the fatboss guide video and learn all the mechanics in the fight. Then I go to peakofserenity.com and read up on articles they post on every single bossfight. These articles includes healingpatterns, when it could be smart to use cooldowns aswell as smart tricks that will help the raid.
Are you willing to wipe lots to learn a new encounter?: Yes I am
Tell us a little about your playstyle, what you think you are good at, less good at, etc.: I think my strenghts as a raider is my ability to learn boss encounters fast, I rarely mess up on mechanincs and I am willing to take on extra responsibility in fights. My weakness would be that I can get kind of restless when people keep wiping the raid to the same mechanic over and over again.

Play Info
How long have you been playing WoW?: I have been playing wow on and off since the end of The Burning Crusade
How much do you play?: I play around 2-3 hours a day
Has your account been traded or passed on?: No
Does anyone else have access to your account?: No
Do you have any high level alts?: Yeah I have a 970 affliction Warlock
Do you have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3 on your PC?: I have a working microphone and I will get TS3 if I get a trial spot
Do you actualy use your mic during raids if called for? Yes
Can you attend our raid schedule? Wednesday and Monday (with optional days of Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday, one of which will be used when necessary) from 19:30(invites start) 20:00 (raid start) ->23:00) Yes

The Ultimate Question - Sell Yourself
Why do you want to join Fifth Sin, and why should we recruit you?: You should recruit me because I am an up and coming raider with a good understanding of the game and alot of classknowledge. I constantly try to improve on my class and I am a very ampitious raider that wants to be a part of a cutting edge raiding guild and I am willing to work really hard for that to happen.

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Re: Mistweaver monk guildapplication

Postby Alyssia » 29 Apr 2018, 23:09

Hey, you applying for BfA or for Legion? (we are not raiding any more progression until BfA, we will still do offday raids where we clear heroic on alts and that sort of thing, but regular mythic antorus runs are done with for now)
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