Apply to Fifth Sin here. Make sure to READ THE STICKIES/ANNOUNCEMENTS at the top before applying!

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Postby AshTrai » 12 Aug 2006, 21:25

Note: If you don't follow these guidelines and use our recruitment template then your application may be disregarded.

Fifth Sin is a European Horde raiding guild on the Draenor realm. We are generally looking for active and reasonably geared players with a good sense of humour to add to the raiding team. You will need to be knowledgeable about your class and the game. We expect you to never give up even if it seems to be impossible. You must have the desire to improve and be willing to put in the effort required to achieve it.

What could being a part of Fifth Sin offer you, I hear you ask?
  • Be a part of a long-standing raiding guild that has been going strong for more than ten years, having raided every raid instance since June 2006!
  • Because we are such a long-standing guild we have an extremely well established social infrastructure. This means we have a very lively community in and around Fifth Sin. From simple things like just having loads of interesting chatter in guild chat and on voice coms, to having loads of other things to participate in, outside of raid times - alt raids, mythic pluss runs, achievement runs, pvp, etc!

    • We expect members online in time for raids. Our raids start at 20:15CET(invites start) 20.30CET(raid start) and end at 23.15CET on Wednesday and Mondays, with the option of using one extra raid night if needed (only rarely) on either Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday (Fridays and Saturdays are always considered off-days).
    • We are a team and we expect everyone to treat each other with respect, there is no room for internal conflicts.
    • We are a serious PvE guild. This means we will not invite your friend/girlfriend/relative/cat to our raiding team if they do not meet our requirements, they are however welcome as friends rank :)
    • We expect you to know your class. If you don't know what you're doing then you're useless to us on a raid. This includes but is not limited to: Spec, abilities (rotations/spellprio), gear, gems, the very best enchants available on all items, tactics, which self-buffs benefits you etc.
    • We expect you to come prepared for all raid bosses. This means you have prepared yourself for how you plan to do all encounters, read up and make sure you know the basics for all bosses and how your class and spec needs to deal with them. It also means you come prepared with stacks of extra self buffs/food/pots/flasks/tomes/runes/etc, even though feasts/cauldrons/or similar items may be provided by the guild (in those expansions where blizzard is reasonable enough to include them and they are up to date).
    • We expect you to follow all orders from raid leaders without question and to always think before you act.
    • Feedback is welcome, feel free to speak your mind, as long as you are aware that ultimately the Raid leader decides and we expect everyone to fall in line once they decide on something.
    • We welome everyone to participate on teamspeak, but Raide leaders and officer have priority, and we expect calm/silence from our raiders during boss attempts unless what you have to say/call out is important.
    • All members must visit the forum on a regular basis to be updated with all new guild info.
    • Having someone you know in the guild can be a big help - someone that can teach you how we work as a guild, what techniques we use and someone that can answer your questions. This is not required but people who know our guildies well have a much bigger chance of joining.

    Check-list before applying:
    1. You should be 18 or older. Our raid times end at 23:15 server time. The last thing we need are kids who need to log off 2 or 3 hours beforehand because they need to go to school in the morning.
    2. You must be able to speak and understand English very well.
    3. You must be max level.
    4. You must have some raid experience.
    5. You must have a good sense of humour and be willing to take criticism.
    6. Your spec/character/gearing should be up to date and will reflect on how well you know your class, sort this before you apply please.
    7. Willing to re-spec your talents to our needs.
    8. Good gear. This means that 'Johnny McGreenGear' won't be invited. All gear should be gemmed and enchanted to the maximal potential, or you should provide a good reason why it has not already been.
    9. Good play time of at least 3-4 days a week.
    10. Activity: New members are expected to achieve a high level of raid attendance during their trial, and keep it high once member.
    11. You must always be prepared for raids: This means you provide yourself with needed consumables and make sure you're repaired before we start.
    If you don't meet these requirements your application will be denied.

    How to apply:-
    1. Make a forum account, use your wow character name please!
    2. To apply, please choose 1 of the following options:-
      1. Make a public application
        Copy this template then make a NEW topic and post it.
      2. Make a private application
        We take private applications as well -- so write up an application using the template and then forum PM it to Alyssia!

    Put some effort into the application if you want to be taken seriously, a well made, extensive and informative application will greatly increase your chances of joining.

    If you have any problems signing up and activating your forum account (ie, u did not receive the activation email) then:
    1. You can use the forums Resend activation email link.
    2. If the mails are still not coming through then check your junk/spam mail folder (and make sure your email settings aren't auto-deleting any "spam" messages).
    3. If you still can't get the email then whisper our forum admins in WoW (Ashtrai, Alyssia).
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Postby AshTrai » 09 May 2013, 14:40

The guild management consists of:-

Guild Masters: AshTrai & Alyssia.


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Postby Alyssia » 21 Sep 2017, 11:26

More Information

NOT "need to know" before joining, but for those that might want to read a bit more in detail about what we aim for and how we do things.

Rather than saying we want to clear all current content at any cost, our goal is steady progression with continual self-improvement while enjoying the game and raiding with each other. We do expect, and demand, performance in raids. We expect everyone to maintain their characters and we expect a high degree of attendance as we only raid 2 days per week. Ofc we understand if someone can't make a raid or even several raids, that ppl get sick, take vacations, goldfishes on fire etc :P What we ask is to be informed, preferably in advance, about when and why, and that in general over time attendance is high.

We do tend to run 1 or 2 additional raids per week, off-day raids, on Thursday/Sunday. These are optional, non-progression runs where ppl can come along if they want to. They tend to be the content we no longer make room for in our main raids but still wish to do, as well as alt/achievement runs.

We believe in keeping it positive as far as possible, if the raid are overall under-performing we will take steps to wake them up and bring them back on track, but we try to not needlessly be negative. Constructive criticism first, harsher means only when/if called for. We make room for mistakes, happens to us all. We never set out to shame anyone, but we might ask someone who died what happened, or why a CD was not used when planned. The goal being to find out what happened, and to ensure the player in question knows what went wrong and how to do it different next time around. We encourage everyone to own up to their own mistakes, and be tolerant of others making mistakes as well. If we are looking at repeat mistakes that seem to not get any better we tend to deal with it through whispers/conversation with the player in question and ultimately replacement if there is no change over several attempts.

Overall it is important to us that we can have a frank and honest level of communication during and outside of raids, and if anyone feel the mood of the raid is negative we hope they will let us know. Important here to make clear distinctions between realistic and frank feedback and negativity that serves no purpose. Indeed in the past when this has happened we've been told and taken steps to correct it, but we emphasize that we expect everyone to be able to take constructive criticism, as well as being able to fall in line once a call has been made.

If anything we tend to be more forgiving towards newer member and recruits than we do longstanding members. We never judge a trial based on a single raid night, nor a single boss encounter. We take into account that learning to raid with a new team and figuring out how a guild and raid group functions can be daunting and might impact performance.

The guild management are always around, either some or all of us either in-game or on voice coms, and even should there be a day where none of us are around (I don't think that ever happens, but SHOULD it happen) we can usually be reached via the forum should there be something important. Anyhow we tend to be fairly active and we never mind chatting with anyone who has any questions or want to bring something up. I'd say we are pretty available. If we feel you need to improve on something we will tell you if it is something we have noticed, and then we will give you time to improve as well as attempt to help where possible.

We do raids via the calendar, but mby we use it slightly different to how most do? We simply use it as a signup tool, we don't confirm anyone ahead of time. We expect everyone to sign as either accepted, tentative or declined. And to tell us on our afk forum when/if they can't make a raid or don't know for sure.

So we do expect ppl to show up and risk getting told they won't raid that night, or that they might be brought in on a boss later. Being on standby is however a choice, not something we demand. We do appreciate it however. So there is a risk of showing up and not getting to raid. That being said, we do our best to ensure it never happens too often (with the exception being when someone is on trial, you might see a bit more "benchtime" when we are working hard on a progression fight, then again we have had trials jump right in and be active from the very beginning, so not a given either). We make sure that rotation happens evenly, this includes officers and the GM.

What determines who is benched will first be: We have a solid raid grp, raid composition comes first, but not to the exclusion of all else. Fair rotation, we try not to sit any one person out too often, indeed we tend to ask for volunteers first. But outside of someone asking to be sat out a lot, or someone being undergeared or having another similar good reason not to be taken, we tend to avoid sitting any one person too often.
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