Mythic Kin'garoth demolished!

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Mythic Kin'garoth demolished!

Postby Alyssia » 21 Mar 2018, 23:44

In our third full raid on Kin'garoth it finally clicked into place and we got the kill. A fun boss in general. The orbs can be slightly frustrating now and then, as can his tendency to jerk around with his beam last second, making you think he isn't aiming your way, but then he was after all xD Before long we got to the point where we managed to reliably get towards the last (4th in our case) set of adds then we got stuck working on the transition into that bit of the fight for a while. We had a 4% wipe in a previous raid night so we knew that it was certainly doable. Tonight we were once again getting close several times before we finally had a very clean go where things went our way and we killed it.

Nice work everyone, and grats to all those that got loot! :)


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Re: Mythic Kin'garoth demolished!

Postby Tharkun » 25 Mar 2018, 13:46

Ah shit, I was hoping you’d all fail while I was away.
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That question automatically blanks out when it detects swedes, as it knows anything written there would be a lie :P

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