Mythic Carapace of N'zoth defeated!

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Mythic Carapace of N'zoth defeated!

Postby Alyssia » 03 Jul 2020, 09:52

After some weeks of steady progression, most of it cleaning up our act in p2 and somewhat in p1, where we were actually going too fast for our own good :P , we downed Carapace of N'zoth in what I'd call a solid kill. We got there bit by bit, our biggest frustration was p2 where in the end the best strategy proved to be pulling all the stops and making sure we did it quickly enough to skip a 3rd set of madness bombs. Finally p3 didn't take nearly as long, we ended up doing a shorter nuke version of the fight as opposed to moving around the whole room, so we lusted a tad sooner and nuked it down in order to shorten the fight. It worked a treat and boss went splat xD


phpBB [video]

[url]Link to logs[/url]
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Re: Mythic Carapace of N'zoth defeated!

Postby Bugzi » 04 Jul 2020, 10:31

Looks quite easy "after the fact" haha. Cool with a video! :)

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