Mythic Harjatan wrung out to dry!

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Mythic Harjatan wrung out to dry!

Postby Alyssia » 21 Aug 2017, 23:18

We had an excellent raid tonight, KJ on hc followed by getting Goroth down again on mythic and then to wrap it up nicely we got Harjatan down as well! It only took us less than 20 pulls in total, a few another evening and 15 tonight. Well done everyone!

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Re: Mythic Harjatan wrung out to dry!

Postby Gwaycia » 21 Aug 2017, 23:28

I'm not pointing any fingers, but we had our 1st goroth kill when Tharkun died on pull and our 1st harjatan kill with Tharkun offline :P


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